An ebook with some of my reflections on life

Once upon a time, I wrote 21 columns for my local newspaper, the Markham Economist & Sun.

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My column was called “That’s Life!” and yes, for those of you who are music buffs, the phrase came from a song I remembered hearing Frank Sinatra sing. As in, when things happen, that’s just life.

So, I wrote about life. Mostly my life. And readers seemed to enjoy the columns. I eventually put them together in a little chap book. Whenever I taught or spoke, I brought a few along, and people bought them. Now and then, I gave one as a thank you gift. I remember leaving one at a bed and breakfast Les and I stayed at near Seattle one year when I was speaking at Write on the Sound. We later got an order from the B and B lady requesting four more of the “wonderful little books” so she could give them as gifts. Over the years, we sold all of the chap books we’d created. So we decided to create an ebook version.

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