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Current Projects

Project #1: Circle of Friends series

We’re republishing my young adult Circle of Friends novels as ebooks.

The new covers are designed. The next job is formatting and updating all four books.

The first book, The Best of Friends, is ready and will be available shortly.

Here’s a link to more details.

Project #2: LoveChild

I’m currently working on a memoir, which has the working title, LoveChild: Reflections from a Former Ugly Duckling.

It will be published in several parts. Part 1 is getting close to being ready. It should be out this fall.

To catch a glimpse of what LoveChild will be like, here’s the opening to my award-winning true story, “The Diamond Ring,” which is published in the anthology Hot Apple Cider.

The other guests at the birthday party appeared to be having a wonderful time. I was counting the minutes until I could go home and read a book or design more clothes for my paper dolls. As soon as we’d eaten the birthday cake, I said I had to leave early. Dressed in my best party dress and my white sandals, carrying a little basket of candy and trinkets, I fought to hold back the tears that started the moment I closed the door….

It was 1955, and I was seven years old….

Read the rest of the “The Diamond Ring”
Get a copy of Hot Apple Cider.



Project #3: Children’s fantasy

A while ago, my younger grandchild requested (frequently) that I write a book for her. During Labour Day weekend, I managed to throw together about 20,000 words, which turned out to be only about half a book. I then took two weeks before Christmas to write the rest, edit it , and so forth.  I printed two ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) for my granddaughters for Christmas. Below, you can see  the cover I put on the two arcs I made.

Now I have the same grandchild repeatedly wondering why that book hasn’t been published yet.

Since I actually realized I need four books to complete the entire story, I have to do some editing and research to make sure the first book leads to the others. And I have to do a final edit.

See a preview of the book.