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My Current Works-in-progress and How I Keep Them All Going

Okay, this is actually pretty funny. The topic I was given was: “My current work-in-progress.” But I don’t exactly have a current work-in-progress. I have at least six. I suppose I could just pick one and tell you all about it. But instead, I thought I’d give you a glimpse at how this writer is […]

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Please Don’t Make Me Choose – or – Why I Stopped Talking to Editors and Agents

For 30+ years, whenever I talked to agents or editors, they’d ask me what I was writing. And I’d tell them. “A mystery.” They’d nod and look vaguely interested. But before they had a chance to say ask another question, I’d add, “And a novel for teens.” And they’d raise their eyebrows. “And discipleship manuals.” […]

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