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When you don’t know which way to turn

This book was my prodigal child. By choosing Shane, a troubled young man who was well aware he was messing up his life, I was in fact choosing an anti-hero—one most editors were just not interested in. Early on, … [Read More...]

Christmas gifts

Creativity: the gift we so often neglect

At the heart of Christmas is the celebration of God’s most precious gift to us—His Son. But God has given us many other gifts, including one we often neglect. Maybe more than neglect. It sometimes seems as if we … [Read More...]

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The real meaning of Christmas

Christmas. We think of the lovely pastoral setting with stable, animals, tongue-tied shepherds, priceless gifts delivered by mysterious magi, a smiling Mary, a sturdy Joseph, and the babe, cozy on a sweet-smelling … [Read More...]

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Off the Map book cover

Review of the book, Off the Map

If you’ve ever watched in frustration wondering why on earth someone in an abusive relationship didn’t get out at the first sign of trouble, I have a book you need to read. The title is Off the Map: Follow Me Out … [Read More...]

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Interview with Arts Connection

An interview I did in August was just posted. You can listen to it here. http://selawministries.ca/content/arts-connection-monday-august-11-2014-nj-lindquist-hot-apple-cider-3 I talked about my writing, the new … [Read More...]

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