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I have a new Hot Apple Cider book coming this fall!

You may have heard that I've been working on a new book. After a lot of work by a number of people, it's well on its way to being published! So I'm announcing it here!   Gifts are an essential part of our Christmas season. ​ It began with the gift of Christ Himself, followed by the … [Read More...]

New Book Release – More Than a Friend

I'm pleased to announce that the ebook for More Than a Friend, the fourth and last book in the Circle of Friends series, is now available! Also, until May 31st, it's priced at only $2.99 U. S.! “A beautifully written book filled with real, vulnerable characters. Glen, despite his quiet nature, … [Read More...]

How I discovered I have curly hair

If you missed part one of this blog "My Hair Has a Mind of Its Own," go here. Some days, I look back and wonder how I could have been so obtuse. I mean, as you can see by my picture when I was three, my hair was trying really hard to be curly. And yet, all during my growing-up years, even though … [Read More...]

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